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Hi there, I build web stuff!

Hi Guys, My name is P337, I build web services as a hobby! My current list of projects are
A CSGO Float value site, check your csgo inventory float value on all your skins TFView, a website that displays all the decorated weapons released after the TF2 gunmettle update Dota2 Chest, a website dedicated to telling people when Dota2 chests become marketable on the steam community market. Finally I use my blog for a wide range of things, Recently I documented an non-technical way to get your fitbit steps on your personal website
you can contact me via my contact page, or at P337@outlook.com

My Current Projects:

Countdown timers for PokemonGo
Pokemon Go Information
A Decorated weapon database for viewing TF2 skins and their prices
TFView - TF2 Skin gallery
CSGO Condition Float Viewer
A fast float value tool for CSGO, see how worn your CSGO skins are
Dota2 Chest Availability Notifier
A work in progress attempt at outlining when Dota2 items are marketable
Soon to be redeveloped p337.info/dota2Chest