Counter-Strike weekly drops reset every Wednesday at 1 AM GMT

Below is a countdown for your local timezone

Counter-Strike Weekly Drop Reset
If you have already gotten your drops this week, you will have to wait for this timer to end to get more drops

The weekly drop system requires you to level up on official CS2 matchmaking servers to get a drop, you cannot idle to get cases anymore.

Drops upon leveling up includes a Weekly care package with 2 choices of the following: one case, and a mixture of skins / graffiti. for a total of 2 items.

CS2 Weekly Drop Preview

Counter-Strike Weekly Drop FAQ

What is the Counter-Strike weekly drop system?

The drop system has changed on September 2023 with the release of CS2

Each week you are eligible for a Weekly care package / drop, which gives the choice between:

these are awarded to players on their first weekly rank up
(requiring XP through playing on official servers)

How can I claim my CS2 weekly care pacakge?

After the weekly timer resets, level up your CS2 profile rank, you will automatically get a popup in game to claim your weekly case, skin or grafiti.

How can I check if I can still receive my CS2 weekly care package for the week?

Here are two of the easiest ways I can thing to check if your weekly care package drop is still yet to come for the week :

Check weekly rankup - In Game Shop

If you navigate to the in-game shop, it says if you still have a drop remaining.
If claimed for the week, it will show silhouettes of the items you were offered, and which ones were claimed
Otherwise, you will see 4 question marks alongside your XP bar
Screenshots of both examples are seen below

Claimed CS2 Weekly Care Package Claimed (Above) and Unclaimed (Below) weekly care package UI. Unclaimed CS2 Weekly Care Package

Check weekly rankup - Steam Inventory History

If you dont want to launch CS2, but still want to see if you ranked up this week
You can navigate to your steam inventory history

You can use this page to check if you received a CS2 drop this week, check our countdown timer at the top of the page (subtract 1 week) to see if your last drop was within the delivery window

CS2 Drop History Countdown

Note : if you do a lot of trading or Steam Market transactions, you might have to scroll for a bit to find your CS2 drops for the week

Do all CS2 Weekly Care Packages have a case in it?

Originally countries that ban opening cases (Like Netherlands and Belgium) were unable to get them as Weekly care package drops

However this only lasted a few weeks, and now all players can receive cases from their weekly care package

Can I idle the game for drops / weekly care package?

No the ability to idle for in-game drops has been removed, players must actively gain XP to rank up and get a drop now.

What happened to idling for drops?

On the 9th of June 2023, Valve changed the drop system to include cases in the rank up system.

This removed the ability to randomly find cases while being idle on servers

For more information about the changes to the case drop system from June 2023 check these 2 links:

Official CS Update Page

CSGO Market Forum discussion on Reddit

What was the old drop system?

There used to be 2 drop systems, the case drop system, and the item drop system

You used to be able to get 1 case randomly during playtime 7 days after your previous case, this system worked independently from the item drops.

Item drops have not changed (once per weekly reset) using the same countdown timer you see above
you used to get either a Skin or Grafiti everytime you leveled up for the week.

Is it worth farming drops in CSGO / CS2?

This depends on your country, in most developed countries it is no longer worth grinding cases unless you are already playing enough CSGO to rank up multiple times a week

However prices of cases in CS2 continue to rise, so it may pay to revaluate the value of your time periodically.

Whats the best way to rank up for the weekly drop?

Competitive CS2 matches (premier or competitive queue) give the most experience, but its based off the amount of rounds won, so if you dont win many rounds, you could waste time not ranking up over a significant loss.

The next best source of XP is casual deathmatch mode, the score multiplier combined with how many kills you can achieve from instant respawn free for all isnt matched by other gamemodes (yet)

When does the drop reset happen for other timezones?

Because everyone lives in different timezones
the weekly drop time will be different for each timezone

Our countdown will always be accurate for your timezone, however it might be interesting to see the local times that the CS2 weekly reset happens for outher timezones

Here are when some common timezones will experience their drop system

LocationGMT OffsetDate
New Zealand, Auckland+12:00Wed @ 1:00 PM
Australia, Sydney+10:00Wed @ 11:00 AM
Japan, Tokyo+09:00Wed @ 10:00 AM
Indonesia, Bali+08:00Wed @ 9:00 AM
Singapore+08:00Wed @ 9:00 AM
Thailand, Bangkok+07:00Wed @ 8:00 AM
India, New Delhi+05:30Wed @ 6:30 AM
Pakistan, Lahore+05:00Wed @ 6:00 AM
UAE, Dubai+04:00Wed @ 5:00 AM
Spain, Zaragoza+01:00Wed @ 2:00 AM
Germany, Berlin+02:00Wed @ 3:00 AM
Spain, Madrid+02:00Wed @ 3:00 AM
France, Paris+02:00Wed @ 3:00 AM
United Kingdom, London+01:00Wed @ 2:00 AM
Buenos Aires, Argentina-03:00Tue @ 10:00 PM
Brazil, Sao Paulo-03:00Tue @ 10:00 PM
USA, New York-04:00Tue @ 9:00 PM
USA, Texas-05:00Tue @ 8:00 PM
USA, Colorado-06:00Tue @ 7:00 PM
USA, California-07:00Tue @ 6:00 PM
USA, Alaska-08:00Tue @ 5:00 PM
USA, Hawaii-10:00Tue @ 3:00 PM

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