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PokemonGo Version FAQ

If you still have questions about the version number in PokemonGo, hopefully the below FAQ can answer some of them!

Where can I see my version number?

If you open up PokemonGo and navigate to the settings menu The version number is seen in the bottom right hand corner.

What does the version number mean?

The version number details how recent your game files are. The newer usually means that you have more features + fixes. However when it comes to Niantic, you regularly have more bugs

How can I get the latest update?

In most cases you will have to wait for the update to be available on your respective app store. However, if you're on Android you can go to apkmirror and download the latest version early - there is no such option for iPhone

Why cant I get the latest version?

If a version hasnt appeared on your app store - there could be serious bugs that prevented its full release

What is included in a PokemonGo update?

The app files generally include new features, like battling, raids, buddy features.
New moves can also sometimes require an updated game, because the animations used in battle might be missing - Also bugfixes (or sometimes new bugs)

How often do you check for version history?

Currently this page only checks for version histories when someone loads the page
So if the page isnt very popular, then it wont get updated often
Eventually I might add an auto refresher, but thats low on my priority

Why isnt the page updating?

to prevent abuse, the page cannot be refreshed by reloading the page over, and over.
currently, the webpage will only check for updates every 40 seconds (for forced version)
or every 3 hours for APK mirror versions

What isnt included in an app update?

Updates to Pokemon CP, Updates to Moves damage, New Pokemon (Usually the assets are all server side - or already included in the base game), updates to the map, and events like community day etc.