List of Ex raid waves in PokemonGo

This is a list of all ex raid invites to date.
There is currently no schedule, raid invites appear to go out randomly

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- "Wait time" outlines the number of days between invite passes being distributed
eg. the 19-Sep-2017 invite wave happened 5 days after the previous invite wave

- The dates / times on this page will appear different to other people around the world due to timezones!

What is an Ex Raid Invite?

An Ex Raid (Exclusive Raid) invite is a instantanious reward for completing a raid at an eligible Gym within the last week. It schedules a special type of Raid that lets you battle a exclusive raid boss (Eg. Mewtwo) This exclusive raid boss is static for around 6-12 months, so you hopefully have many opportunitues to battle them.

How do you get Ex Raid Invites?

Ex Raid invites are given out to players who complete raids at busy Gyms, usually within Parks or Recrational Areas. You can see if a Gym is eligible with the tag "Ex Gym" when first clicking on it. Raid passes are distributed once every week for random gyms in the area if they had lots of players interact with their raids. Ultimately there is a lot of randomness attributed with getting an Ex Raid Pass.

What time / Date to Ex Raids occur?

Ex Raids are usually on the the day after the next waves invites are sent out. However, The cycle of days that Ex Raids fall on is generally 2-3 raids on one day of a week (eg. Monday) before cycling to the next day for 2-3 weeks (Tuesday) Ex Times can be anywhere from 10am to 6pm (10:00 - 18:00) and are supposed to reflect the most active time for that gym - however that is usually very debatable

Are there any other ways to get Ex invites?

Yes! you can also be invited to get an Ex pass from an Ultra or Best friend. When they invite you, the pass will show up in your inventory - and then you can attend the gym at the allocated time!

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