PokemonGo Legacy Move List

Listed are all possible legacy moves in PokemonGo
Check against your Pokemon to see if you have any
Do not transfer Pokemon with these moves, as they are no longer obtainable!

What are Legacy Moves?
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What are Legacy Moves?
Legacy moves are when a Pokemon knows a move that it can no longer learn. The only way to have a legacy move is to have obtained that Pokemon moveset before it was made discontinued

How are Legacy Moves created?
Some Pokemon were temporarily given moves they were never supposed to know, Some Pokemon moves have been swapped out for balancing purposes, and more recently 'limited-time' moves are released as part of events (like Community day). All of these scenarios are how Legacy Moves get created

Obtaining Legacy moves is only possible if:
- You receive one in a trade
- Niantic releases them as a special event
- Another moveset re-shuffle occurs

How does the list below work?
Each move listed below has a date upon which it became unobtainable. If you played the game a long time ago, or played during a recent event, you may have some Pokemon with Legacy moves. Use this list below to see which Pokemon you might have that are considered collectable

Legacy moves can NOT be created by:
- Evolving an old Pokemon
- Using a TM on an old Pokemon
- Evolving a legacy Pokemon

What else?
Legacy moves are generally not better in battle (but some are!) People like to keep them because they are collectors items.

Which Legacy Moves are good?
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All legacy Pokemon are collectors items
However the generally agreed upon legacy moves that are considered superior are:

- Gengar with Shadow Claw
Low survivability but one of the highest DPS in game

- Dragonite with Dragon Breath
Fast animation that makes dodging easier in battle

- Dragonite with Dragon Claw
Fast animation that makes dodging easier in battle

- Snorlax with Body Slam
Great move for a gym defender

- Exeggutor with Confusion
Great move for a gym defender

- Venosaur with Frenzy Plant
Community Day Moveset

- Charizard with Blast Burn
Community Day Moveset

- Tyranitar with Smack Down
Community Day Moveset

- Omastar with Rock Throw & Rock Slide
Note: De-throned by Smack Down Tyranitar

- Moltres with Sky Attack
Even without a Flying quick move, still great Flying DPS

- Mewtwo with Shadow Ball
One of the highest Ghost type DPS

- Metagross with Meteor Mash
Community Day Moveset


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