PokemonGo Legacy Move List

Legacy moves are Pokemon with moves that are no longer possible to create in game
The Legacy move list has changed over time

With the release of Elite TMs, many legacy moves have disolved are able to be learnt again!
Thus they have been removed from this list

the @Special search term no longer JUST shows legacy moves - Elite TM Moves will now show at the same time
meaning there is no specific legacy move filter anymore
resulting in this Legacy move list being more important to pay attention to for collectors!

What are Legacy Moves?
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Which Legacy Moves are good?
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Img Name Date Quick Move Charge Move
281 KIRLIA TBC Draining Kiss
050 DIGLETT 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot
051 DUGTRIO 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot
075 GRAVELER 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot
076 GOLEM 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot
088 GRIMER 19-Aug-16 Acid
089 MUK 19-Aug-16 Acid
109 KOFFING 19-Aug-16 Acid
110 WEEZING 19-Aug-16 Acid
113 CHANSEY 19-Aug-16 Psybeam
120 STARYU 19-Aug-16 Quick Attack
121 STARMIE 19-Aug-16 Quick Attack Psybeam
137 PORYGON 19-Aug-16 Quick Attack
172 PICHU 17-Feb-17 Quick Attack
292 SHEDINJA 02-Nov-18 Bite
423 GASTRODON 17-May-19 Earthquake
345 LILEEP 21-Apr-20 Bullet Seed

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Legacy Move FAQ

What are Legacy Moves?

Legacy moves are Pokemon that know attacks that are no longer possible to learn. The only way to have a legacy move is to have obtained that Pokemon moveset before it was made discontinued. Legacy moves have come into existance in the past for different reasons discussed below.

Can Legacy Moves be created?


Legacy Moves are only made from mistakes by Niantic
The Legacy move list has changed over the years and now that Elite TMs exist, the only way Legacy moves exist is Niantics release of Pokemon with moves they never learnt in the main series games on Gameboy, DS and Nintendo Switch.

Its very unlikely this situations will happen in the future, but Mistakes are common by Niantic - so you never know.

How were Legacy Moves created in the past?

These methods are no longer possible
But before Elite TMs existed, Legacy moves could exist as a result of:

Balance: Some Pokemon had moves swapped out for balancing purposes. When A move is either too powerful, or not strong enough compared to every other Pokemon the moves sometimes get changed to make the game game more balanced for PVP or Raids

Limited-time moves: These were popular with Niantic, moves would be released as part of events (like Community day and raid days). These moves can tend to be more powerful, in hopes that more people will play during these events to unlock the special move.

Can you stil get get Legacy Moves?

You cannot create any new any Legacy move Pokemon - everything that exists now are the only Legacy moves, they have to exist in someones collection.
However you can trade for them as Pokemon are able to be traded once.

In the past you used to be able to get new Legacy move from the following methods
- Niantic releases them as a special event
- A moveset re-shuffle occurs

How does the Legacy move list work?

Each move listed has a date upon which it became unobtainable. If you played the game a long time ago, or played during a recent event, you may have some Pokemon with Legacy moves. Use this list to see which Pokemon you might have that are considered collectable

What are some misconceptions about Legacy Moves?

Legacy moves can NOT be created by:
- Evolving an old Pokemon
- Using a TM on an old Pokemon
- Evolving a legacy Pokemon

Why should I care about Legacy moves??

While some Legacy moves can be better in battle - most of them are not.
The most desirable thing about Legacy moves are that you can not get them anymore.
People like to keep them because they are collectors items.

What Legacy Moves have come back permanently?

Recently Niantic has made a habbit of adding back some of the older Legacy moves:

On the 11th December 2019
Niantic re-released a whole bunch of Legacy Moves
Meaning they are all available again, these moves are

- Pinsir with Fury Cutter
- Snorlax with Body Slam
- Cloyster with Icy Wind
- Arcanine with Flamethrower
- Poliwrath with Mud Shot
- Machamp with Cross Chop
- Golem with Ancient Power
- Gengar with Shadow Claw
- Exeggutor with Confusion
- Gyarados with Dragon Breath and Twister
- Dragonite with Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw

On the 23rd January 2020
Niantic re-released more Legacy Moves permanently
these moves are:

- Raichu with Thunder Shock
- Magneton with Thunder Shock and Discharge
- Venomoth with Poison Fang
- Haunter with Shadow Ball
- Hypno with Shadow Ball

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Which Legacy moves are actually good?

All legacy Pokemon are collectors items
before Elite TMs there used to be many superior Legacy Moves, But nowadays, they are all collectors items

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