PokemonGo Shiny Chance Calculator

This calculator will simulate the probability of encountering a shiny Pokemon.
Rates are assumed from the SilphRoad research



How does this calculator work?
Each time you encounter a shiny Pokemon, it is an "Independent Event". Previous encounters have no impact over your future shiny encounters. Using maths we can simulate how likely it is to find a shiny after "X" encounters.
This is what this calculator does

You can also estimate how likely it is you have or haven't encountered a particular shiny yet, by entering your current encounter total (make sure you started recording after that particular shiny was released)

Want to know which Pokemon can be shiny?
Shiny families released in PokemonGo

How did you get these odds?
This calculator assumes that shiny rates have not changed since the following SilphRoad Shiny Study was released

Things to consider
- Shiny rates are estimates only
- Shiny rates could change at any time
- Shiny chaining has no effect in PokemonGo
- Trading species counts toward your Pokedex
- Shiny checks are independent events
- eg. Clicking a potential shiny always has the same odds