Smeargle's Moves in PokemonGo


Smeargle has a unique implementation in PokemonGo where it can copy most the majority of moves from other Pokemon via Photobombing
But Smeargle cant learn every move
Each time a new move is available in PokemonGo, People test if Smeargle can learn it.
In most cases they are disappointed.

This is because Smeargle has a hardcoded list of moves in the GAME_MASTER detailing what it can learn from mirroring other Pokemon.
This page outlines the moves that Smeargle can and cannot learn.

What moves CANT Smeargle Learn?

Lets start with moves Smeargle can not learn
I think thats what people will find more interesting
and finish with a list of the possible moves at the end.

Quick Moves Smeargle cannot learn

This page is dynamically generated, but we can comment on the moves likely never to be added

WATER GUN BLASTOISE is an unused move from when the game first launched, there is no Pokemon that uses this move (including Blastoise).
TRANSFORM is reserved for Ditto, obviously another unique Pokemon in the game
CHARM was recently added as a quick move, and may have just been forgotten from Smeargles moveset

Quick moves is quite a short list compared to Charge moves...

Charge Moves Smeargle cannot learn

There are a lot of moves here, but most can be classified into 4 buckets
Signature Moves, Unused moves, Unreleased moves & Newly released moves.

Signature moves being special moves that only a certain species of Pokemon can lean, Like CRABHAMMER for Kingler or PRECIPICE BLADES for Groudon, tucked away under Niantics belt for a future release.
Unused Moves like WATER GUN BLASTOISE and BRINE (BRINE being a Legacy move for OMANYTE)
Un-released moves Self explanatory - moves that may be implemented in the future - these could eventually enter Smeargles move pool.
Newly Released moves moves like POWER UP PUNCH have been added to the game more recently than other moves. it looks like they didnt make it to Smeargles move list.

Moves Smeargle CAN Learn in PokemonGo?

Below is the full list of moves Speargle can learn in PokemonGo
according to the GAME_MASTER file



Smeargle FAQ

What happens if I try to Sketch (Photobomb) a move Smeargle cannot learn?
Smeargle will be randomly assigned a move from its allowed moves