PokemonGo Sunrise / Sunset Calculator

How does this calculator work?
Enter your GPS coordinates and the date.
This calculator will tell you when sunrise & sunset occurs in POGO.

This calculator was fully complied by reddit user Cosk62
with the discovery from the silph road research

Not comfortable using GPS detection?
you can manually enter coordinates near your current location
No data will be stored - There are also be no 3rd party trackers on this page

Time zone:


Why would you want to know the sunrise / sunset times?

Sunrise and sunset change subtle gameplay elements in PokemonGo. Mainly to observe when you are able to evolve certain Eevee evolutions during the day (Espeon) and night Umbreon)

How does this calculator work?

By combining your GPS coordinates with the date + timezone - this calculator will calculate when your game should change to night time. Feel free to let me know if you notice this calculator being more than 20-30 seconds incorrect.

Im not comfortable allowing my location on your page

That is understandable
. You can manually enter longitude and latitude of a nearby town if you are not comfortable sharing your device location. Note that we do not store your location on the server. The whole calculator is client side JavaScript, so we don't even send your location to our server. It all stays safely on your device.