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TFView is a TF2 skin gallery for all the new decorated weapons skins released after the Gunmettle update to TF2 in July 2015
I have a full time job in IT and enjoy web development as a fun hobby
this website aims to be the CSGOstash equivalent for TF2
I wanted to build a site where everyone could go to see all the newly released TF2 skins when an update came out

Please, if you have any feedback, or feature suggestions, there is always a contact link in the footer
If you have any requests or have found any bugs, let me know! I love to hear about people using my website

So far I have had requests from a few people, Uncle Dane even requested that I build the current Import function
The import function allows you to import your inventory (if its set to public) and all skins you own will show up as green throughout the site

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