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TFView is a TF2 skin gallery to display all the TF2 Warpaints and skins released after the Gunmettle update to TF2 in July 2015
I have a full time job in IT and enjoy web development as a fun hobby
this website aims to be the CSGOstash equivalent for TF2
I wanted to build a site where everyone could go to see all the newly released TF2 skins when an update came out

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If you have any feedback, or feature suggestions,
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If you have any requests or have found any bugs, let me know!
I love to hear about people using the site and improvements that can be made

What are TF2 Skins / Warpaints?

Warpaints and TF2 skins are slightly different. TF2 Skins are any decorated weapon that came from the first 4 sets of paid cases, or 4 operations collections. The Gunmettle update introduced the Powerhouse Weapons Case, Concealed Killer Case, Crafstman Collection and Teufort Collection to the game While the Tough Break update brought the Pyroland Weapons Case, Warbird Weapons Case, Gentlemannes Collection and Harvest Colelction Each of these TF2 Skin cases and collections can be viewed from the drop down menu. Cases and collections feature skins that only apply to one or a Few weapons, Eg. there is only a Shellshocked rocket launcher, there is no such thing as a Shell shocked Scattergun

The Jungle Inferno update shook up the TF2 Skin implementation by adding Warpaints. TF2 warpaints allow you to get a consumable war paint item that can be apllied to an extensive list of weapons. Once you redeem the warpaint you will get a TF2 weapon of your choice painted with that paint. The paint is still randomly applied so almost every TF2 skin will be random. and Warpaints have wear qualites just like skins.

What are the Wear qualites for TF2 Skins / Warpaints?

Just like CSGO Skins, TF2 Warpaints and weapon skins have wear values, so most skins never look perfect. the wear values are as follow:

Can War Paints be applied to existing weapons I own?

No, Unfortunately you cannot apply a warpain to an existing skin. while this would be super cool, you cant buy a Strange Persian Pursuader and apply a Warpaint to it. When claimed, War Paints create a brand new item with the warpaint you selected applied. This means that to get a Strange Warpaint item, you need to buy a Strange Warpaint to apply.

Can I randomly find TF2 Skins or War Paints when playing?

No, Unfortunately you cannot find skins or Warpaints. The most common way of aquiring wairpaints or TF2 skins are through operation contracts. When completing tasks in TF2 Campaigns you either get points to claim a Warpaint, or a weapon drop. You can however find Warpaint crates when playing - which can be opened with 1 key.

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