CSGO Operation Release Order

Operation Shattered Web is currently live.

When I first made this blog post it was the longest break between operations after Bloodhound ended. so I decided to made this post to detail all related information about the previous operations.

Some of the initial data was sourced from the csgo wiki

The Table below shows info on: Release days of the week (PDT), Release Time (PDT) and duration of all of the previous operations

Operation Release Date Day Time Duration Extended Gap
Payback 25-Apr-13 Thu 4AM 128 Yes
Bravo 19-Sep-13 Thu 5PM 139 Yes 19
Phoenix 20-Feb-14 Thu 9PM 111 Yes 15
Breakout 1-Jul-14 Tue 4PM 93 No 20
Vanguard 11-Nov-14 Tue 10PM 140 Yes 40
Bloodhound 26-May-15 Tue 4PM 128 No 56
Wildfire 17-Feb-16 Wed 7PM 149 No 139
Hydra 23-May-17 Tue 3PM 174 No 313
Shattered Web 18-Nov-19 Mon 6PM 735

I will attempt to update this table when I get time as new operations are released.


– The “Gap” column indicates the time where no operation was active, or the time that operation started after the prior operation ending.
(Eg. By commencing, Operation Bloodhound ended a 56 day gap in which no operation was active.)

  • The heading “Release Time” is the rough time measured in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) the update was released, rounded to the nearest half hour
  • Please contact me if there are any errors or outdated data!
  • This page was last updated on 23-Nov-2019

This post was created off the back of an existing page that proved quite popular with people: CSGO Case Release Order if thats something that interests you.