Userscript for highlighting reposted songs on soundcloud

Download provided at the end of this post.

If there is anything wrong with the script or Soundcloud does a redesign, feel free to reach out to me via my contact form.


Very occasionally I head on over to SoundCloud to check out some local artists or mixes from various artists.

I dont really classify myself as a music nut, I just want to load up my stream page and see a bunch of curated music.

However a couple of years ago I noticed that “reposts” appear to be a trend with the new soundcloud design.

I understand there is a need for artists to bump their music to promote it, and ensure it isnt immediately buried, However it makes finding new music really hard to find – and most of that can be attributed to soundcloud. I cant find any easy way to hide reposts. Maybe an option already exists – or maybe one will get added after I make this post.

Anyway I finally bit the bullet and wrote a really basic user-script that will very in-elegantly differentiate the reposted songs from the newly posted songs.

The script implements a static button that follows you as you scroll through stream page of SoundCloud. Because the stream page lazily loads more content as you reach the end of the page, you will have to press the button each time more content is loaded.

Snapshot of the script in action

What are Userscripts?

Userscripts are almost like modifications for websites that anyone can write (in this case I wrote this one myself) they run java-script on the page after it has finished loading.
WARNING: never install user-scripts from unknown sources (even be careful on pages like mine)

Install TamperMonkey

If you don’t already have TamperMonkey we will need to install it to use this script
Tamper monkey is a plugin that allows you to run Userscripts on webpages.

Chrome: Search “TamperMonkey” on google, or the google Appstore
Firefox: Search for “TamperMonkey” on the Mozilla plugin store

Install the Soundcloud Repost Highlight script

Once you have the required plugins you should just be able to click the link below and the plugin will handle the remaining installation.

Download Soundcloud Repost Highlighter Script

Each time you load the /stream/ page on SoundCloud you should be able to use the new button to colour the reposts.