Steam Marketplace script updated!

For years I have been developing a userscript for the steam market, and slowly adding features to it. I’m taking some time out to post about it here!

To use this script, you need to install an addon for userscripts
Greasemonkey (for Firefox) or TamperMonkey (for Chrome)

Lets run through the current features!

– increased visibility for firefox users using enhanced steam
– Be able to hide “My Active Listings” section to reduce clutter if you have heaps of items listed
– Clearly details CSGO skins that have nametags attached on listing pages
– Calculates totals for all your “Active Listings” on the market menu
– Compacts the css theme so more listings fit on the page when searching
– A toggleable feature, for searching CSGO items with nametags, that instantly closes the tab if no items on the page has a nametag

This script is designed to by run along side enhanced steam!

Download Link: [Current version found on my Dropbox]

I may make an instructional video later on some of the features!

Disclaimer #1: Enhanced steam already does some similar things, but I recreated them to suit my personalised taste, also Enhanced steam is no longer supported on firefox,
whereas my script works perfectly fine on firefox
My script also fixes a lot of issues with the abandoned version of enhanced steam for firefox.

Disclaimer #2: Steam inventory helper also shows you which csgo skins have nametags,
but with my script  its much more obvious as it makes it blatantly obvious when the first few items have a name tag on the marketplace.